Memolane Helps You Relive Your Memories

Most of us have an account on Facebook or Twitter or any of the ever growing number of social media sites and services that are out there.

We share content on there. Some of it’s quite banal, but some of it’s probably quite important to us.

What Memolane does is pretty interesting, though how you want to use it is really a matter of personal choice.

Memolane helps you to combine all of your social media networks and items into one place via “lanes”. You can choose to share them, or parts of them, with the public, your friends or just keep them for yourself.

Personally I’m quite addicted to the daily emails they send me which are a “memory” at a time. Some of it’s not that interesting ie. quite banal, but other memories are really cool. Today, for example, I got sent a few of my shared items from 12 months ago when I was in Arizona for a meeting. It’s nice to look back at fond memories, though you’ll probably also get some memories that you’d rather forget about.

Here’s their video which kind of explains how it all works:

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