Zyb Looks After Your Phonebook For You

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Once upon a time I used to have an address book. It was a physical book with people’s names, addresses and numbers in it.

These days, like so many people, I tend to rely on my mobile phone’s addressbook and my email inbox.

But what would happen if my phone broke or got stolen? I’d hate to think!

Enter ZYB.com

The service allows you to easily backup all your phone contacts remotely. It supports pretty much all the commonly used handsets and works by sending you an sms with the sync configuration details. Save the SMS and then sync your phone using the new profile (this process may vary depending on your phone, but as I’m using a Nokia it’s how it works for me)

You can also sync your calendar entries and your SMS, though personally I’m a lot more interested in my contact data than I am in anything else.

It’s a nice, simple service which “just works” and doesn’t cost anything (at the moment).

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