Amazon Makes Parting With Your Money Easy

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I’ve been buying books, cds, dvds and other stuff from Amazon for about ten years. One of my lecturers in university introduced me to the site and it’s been downhill ever since (it’s been a wonderful ride, but my credit card suffers!)

While Amazon is not without its flaws (some of its shipping policies have sparked debates in the past) it is still, without a doubt, the best place to shop online as far as I am concerned.


Because the stock everything from the latest releases through to weird albums that only a handful of people are going to want to buy. A lot of the smaller vendors won’t bother, but that’s one of Amazon’s selling points.

The “recommendations” have led me to discover new music, new writers and a number of new films. At times it will fail miserably by recommending a load of stuff to me simply because I bought a book for my younger sister, but that’s acceptable to me.

Amazon makes spending money easy. If the main store doesn’t carry the item you want the marketplace vendors probably do!

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