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Quality Stock Images At Low Prices

Using images in a website or blog can make a huge difference. A visualisation of a metaphor can be a lot more powerful than any words. Unfortunately stock images can be very expensive, so a lot of people end up abusing other people’s images and breach copyright, which isn’t a very good idea! IStockPhoto, however […]

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Krystian Kozerawski Photoblog

I seem to be posting about quite a few photoblogs at the moment. I assure you it’s not intentional! Krystian Kozerawski‘s photo blog has a very nice mix of Irish and international photos. Whether it’s a photo of his wife or a still life they are truly impressive (at least to my eye!) Disclosure: Krystian […]

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Motivated Photos

There seem to be a lot of photo sites out there where you can upload a photo and add your own caption. Most of them are a bit silly, some are amusing, while some are sheer genius. Motivated Photos can be a bit of a mixed bag, but if you’ve got a sense of humour […]

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Whenever I come across sites like InPhotos I always feel a bit jealous. Donncha O’Caoimh has been taking photos for years and setup InPhotos to show off his work and boy is it impressive! A lot of the photos are of his native Cork, but there are also quite a few of other locations. Well […]

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