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While it may not be the most visually attractive website, wins me over as it’s so useful. is a blog aggregator ie. it collects the blog posts from multiple blogs and bloggers, which in this instance are all Irish or related to Ireland. As you explore the site you can see that it […]

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headrambles front cover


Since it’s not a very visual website you’ll have to excuse me for abusing the cover of the author’s upcoming book instead of my usual use of a logo … Headrambles is one of those blogs that brings a smile to your face. To be perfectly honest on more than one occasion its author’s ramblings […]

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XKCD Geek Cartoon Strips

If you’re a bit of a geek or nerd, then you’ll probably know XKCD. If you don’t, well you should! XKCD is sheer genius, though some of its comics might offend the more sensitive types (PG rating perchance?) This one always makes me giggle a little: Related Posts:Butch Bakery – Manly CupcakesHeadramblesWhen Should You Go […]

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